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How we work ?

Since its launch in the 1970’s Biosphere genuine direct sales concept has had worldwide success, and continues to prove its business worth. 

Biosphere’s process is  adds a personal touch. Through our concept, the beauty advisor visits a prospective client at home (after the call center sets an appointment) and offers a free one- hour professional facial. During the session, products skin type and needsare decided based on a personalized diagnosis. Orders are taken and delivered straight to the client. The after sales service follows-up via call centers, thus providing customer  continuous support .
BIOSPHERE joins together the thousand-year-old knowledge of plants' and flowers' virtues with avant-garde science of know-how in biocosmetology to offer highly efficient cosmetic products. However a cosmetic product cannot be effective if it is applied in an erroneous way.

Most often, women have a combination or dry skin. However, the skin type evolves during the lifetime. With adolescence, having an oily skin is a frequent phenomenon, whereas it is much less frequent during adulthood, when it often becomes combination skin. But under the influence of hormones, pollution, environmental harms, the ageing chronology, it can also tend to become dry and thinner, since it becomes less protected by the hydrolipidic layer. To help every woman preserve her youth and have a resplendent complexion all year long, BIOSPHERE's beauty advisors propose a tailor-made care that is adapted to each skin type and to the specific needs of high-fragility areas like the eyes, the neck and the lips. Add to it that each customer is a unique case with specific requirements in function not only of her skin type, but also of her lifestyle, age and desires.
Thus, the BIOSPHERE advisor is the only guarantor of the products' correct use and, therefore, the customers satisfaction – the customer who has finally, thanks to the BIOSPHERE advisor, found the efficient solution to her problems.

Unlike the traditional beautician who produces a single short-term result often due only to complicated tools, the BIOSPHERE advisor, thanks to her personalized advice concerning the products to be used and to her course in applied bioesthetics relating to the "how to" of the usage, produces a long-term result that can be repeated each day by the customer herself.
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