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Daily cleansing & Refreshing

A fresh, exciting daily dose of allure. Wash away the impurities and dirt that modern life brings and let your skin breathe. Your daily ticket to a clean, refreshed and sparkling complexion is here! BIOSPHERE welcomes you to the natural basis of skincare.

De-make-up of eyes & lips

Remove the most stubborn and even waterproof make-up gently, without irritating the extremely sensitive skin of eyelids and eye contours 

Cleansing the face

 Eliminate, carefully and effectively, all trace of impurities (dust, pollution, secretion, make-up etc.)

Milk or Gel?

Which to choose? In general, soft and sensitive skin prefers milk while oily skin prefers the gel. Due to its freshness, gel is often preferred in hot climate countries. But there are also women who use gel in the evening and milk in the morning.

Rebalancing the skin

Lotion is the natural complement of milk or gel. It removes the last traces of impurities, refreshes, tightens the pores and reconstitutes the hydro-lipidic protective coat of the skin. In several areas, the tap water is very calcareous. The lotion neutralizes these harmful effects. Biosphere's Lotion is 100% Alcohol Free .

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