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Weekly Cleansing & clarifying

Soft Scrub & Clarifying
Gently rid the skin from dead cells to obtain a healthy, smooth feel. Biosphere brings you beauty salon quality skincare straight to your home.This integral part of a beauty regime has never been easier. 

Without correct skincare, the surface of our skin remains full of dead cells which clog up the pores, stop the living cells from breathing, are of dull and irregular color and, finally, prevent the active agents of cosmetic products from penetrating.

Peeling or scrub cream?
With the peeling, a purely mechanical action is used to remove the dead skin calls that bond to the dead skin calls, while the scrub acts at the same time "physiologically" by its absorbing agent, and mechanically by the exfoliating actions. The mechanical action of the peeling is much stronger than that of the scrub, and that's the reason why it remains essential for a thick skin.

If you suffer from open acne then your weekly care regimen should include the Rare Earth Cream to Clean, purify, and clear up the uneven dye, to remove dead cells in-depth and to dry pimples.

Natural Peeling   Exfoliant Scrub   Rare Earth Cream
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