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Dry / Sensitive Skin

Problem :
Dry skin is thin, grainy and feels tight. It suffers from a deficiency in lipids. Dry skin is uncomfortable, and it "pulls". It generally looks dull; it wrinkles faster than the other types of skin.
To be in its best form, smooth and glowing, dry skin needs to be nourished in essential lipids. Its protective surface film must be reinforced to slow down water loss and to increase protection against external aggressions, that can lead to premature ageing .


Solution :


BIO 40: Protects the skin from inside against premature ageing, especially for very dry and sensitive skins
First big enemy of the skin and responsible for premature ageing are: free radicals generated by pollution and UV rays. By combining anti free radicals, antioxidants, vitamins and hydrating elements, BIO 40 protects the skin from inside. Thanks to its elastin contents, it cures the loss of elasticity and combats effectively skin sagginess.

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