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Oily / Combination Skin

Problem :

Combination skin combines the characteristics of oily skin on the T-zone (face, nose, chin) - richer in sebaceous glands than the remainder of the face - and those of the dry skin on the cheeks. The cheeks require comfort, softness and glow, while the T- zone calls for only very light, sebum regulating solutions and anti-blackhead cures.

Because of the sebaceous glands' hyperactivity, oily skin is characterized by the excessive production of sebum which causes shine , dilation of the pores and various imperfections like blackheads and pimples, and even acne (due to sebum blocking the pores leading to an ideal ground for bacteria to regenerate and infect the skin).

Oily/Combination skin requires regulation and absorption of its sebum, cleansing of its pores, and maintaining an optimal rate of hydration.



Solution :


CLARIFYING : Maintain control
Clarifying is a range that targets oily / combination skin and works in complement with the Purifying Mask ( for black heads and open     pores ) and Rare Earth Cream( for acne and blemishes ). Dealing directly with your skin’s sebaceous functions, these complements work deeper to reinstate proper oil secretions to ride you of the greasy film on your face or T-Zone and to maintain control throughout the day , while making your skin  glow. With Biosphere you can blow a goodbye kiss to problematic skin.

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