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The skin of the eye contour is four times thinner than that of the rest of the face. The 22 muscles that compose it are put in action at each of our expressions and at the daily ten thousand beats of our lashes. The mouth is another zone that is particularly vulnerable to the transgression of time.

With the passing years, this skin tends to get thinner and thinner because the support tissues start to regenerate more and more slowly. The eyes contour, the lips and the neck are very fragile and naturally poorly protected zones. They quickly lose their elasticity and their resistance, giving room for wrinkles and sagginess. These vulnerable zones need serious cosmetic help.


With a true concentrated effectiveness, the Biosphere 3R products treat the entire eye area. They action pockets, dark circles, and wrinkles. Ultra-nourishing, they regenerate and give a smooth lift for an immediately beautifying and lasting effect.   


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