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Dehydrated Skin

Problem :

Recent studies have clearly indicated that ageing is connected with a considerable reduction in the amount of oxygen in skin cells. As a result, metabolic processes in cells become slower; their activity diminishes as they weaken and age.


Solution :



O2 Oxygen Breathe: A line specially created for dehydrated skin to protect it from external aggressions and reinforce the skin's natural capacities of hydration. To guarantee maximum comfort and glow, it is also an antioxidant, prevents and fights inflammations by its disinfecting properties, and leaves the skin soft and fresh.


O2 Oxygen Breathe is a skincare line developed to increase the energy levels of skin cells, increase cell renewal and consequently improve cutaneous regeneration. When applied regularly, oxygen cosmetics boost the production of collagen and elastin that support the youth of skin; they also accelerate wound healing, help fight inflammatory processes and skin irritations thanks to the acceleration of metabolic processes.

O2 is well suited also to moisturize the dehydrated parts of the combination skin. 





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